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The Rockumentary

The entire project was filmed: Mat Sunderland filmed the first half of the project and Dublin Joe & my son Alex filmed the 2nd half. 30 one hour documentaries have been made which show the musicians at work, how the album was recorded and various musicians meeting each other at the studio, telling some great stories. I spent 10 years back & forth to Germany, trawling through the hours of footage (over 150 hours) with my good friend Manni Kusters, who taught me how to use the machines and how to edit on the computer. I finished all the recordings on 16th May 2011, in total the album was 15 years in the making. I mastered the albums at Abbey Road later that year and Mat Sunderland put the finishing touches to the DVD ready for pressing. It's a great feeling to have now completed the album, I'm looking forward to presenting it to everyone to see & hear and make some money for all the charities.

Through 15 years of making the album I went through the transfer period where everything that had been recorded on analogue had to be transferred to digital, not only for each instrument on each song but also all the hours of video tape had to be transferred.

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